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Yardfest 2017 Afterthought - please click for more

Setting trends, not following them

Flax - Mill - Fashion - Show 2017

Having been incorporated into the annual Open Day at County Derry's only active linen - weaving - mill, the fashion show retains its unique character as "Ireland's only real alternative cat - walk" as a German journalist called it.
- The new creations in Irish Linen and other natural fabrics by mill owner Marion Baur, German weaver Emma Poser, and N. Ireland's top dressmaker / designer Liz Corrigan (Antrim).

  • - Special guest designer (1 unique piece only) Albina Mc Laughlin!
  • - Real clothes shown by real people, our models:
    *Tony Hiley (Lisburn)
    * Fiona Baur (Limavady)
    *Derek Montgomery (Belfast)
    * Almha Mc Cartan (Dublin)
    * Orla Mullan (editor of the "County Derry Post", Dungiven.
  • - Jewellery & accessories by Ruth Walker, Heather Eves & Toni Whiteside.
  • - Live Music: Dearbhla Mc Taggart & Isabel Neuenfeldt
  • - Compere: Helen Mark (BBC)
  • - 1 showing only at 3 pm (sharp)! In the separate Marque

Booking your place for the Fashion Show is essential:
028 777 42655 or: flaxmill@gmx.net 

24th Flax - Mill - Open - Day and Yard - Fest

On: Sat Sept. 9th 2017
At: Derrylane Flax Mills, Dunvien (2 miles outside)
Open Day from 10 am to 6 pm
Buffet, Dinner, Concert and Session after 6p (invitation only).

  • 20 top - crafters offer their unique products at beautiful stalls!
  • All day demonstrations: - dyeing with natural dyes - spinning wool and linen (3 spinning wheels!) - The mill's weaving - looms running - continental knitting - hand embroidery - Ireland's only female Blacksmith in action - ring making - flax - scotching - felting.
  • Workshops: Bikham Yoga (Tony Hiley and Erin Douglas, Lisburn), Darts for Beginners (Travis Baur, N. I. master under 18s)
  • World - Premiere of the new film Linen People by Bruce Clark and John Thompson.
  • Vintage Cars and Commercials
  • Ireland's largest gathering of textile - workers, designers…
  • Tea, coffee, home made cakes, treats galore…
  • On stage at the Yard Fest:
    Isabel Neuenfeldt (Berlin) - Willie Drennan - Dearbhla Mc Taggart - Cherith Boyle & many special guests!
  • Ireland's best Session after the concert
  • 13 m long buffet
  • German beer
  • Food by the Berlin Catering Brigade

Open Day and Yard Fest are private events - the owner reserves the right to refuse admission.
For booking, full programme and all details call us: 028 777 42655 or: flaxmill@gmx.net 

Interview with Isabel Neuenhaus

Just short of our "Flax - Mill - News" with a lot of details on the coming 24th Yard - Fest and Open Day on September 9th, I feel I should draw your attention to an interview with German singer/accordeonist/actress Isabel Neuenfeldt (one of our major artists at the Yard - Fest this year) which is going to be published here in Ireland next week.

After her "yes" to perform at this year's concert, Hermann talked in length (and in German of course) to the woman with one of the most amazing careers in the German world of art over the last few years.
The telefon - interview was conducted between our kitchen here at Flax - Mill and her balcony in the east of the city of Berlin. It was (still is of course) intended for publication in Germany, turned out as fascinating as Isa's personality and Hermann decided to translate a part (about 1/2 of the overall piece) into English. Thanks to Orla Mullen it appearde in the "County Derry Post"

County Derry Post interview (pdf)

"This linen is devine!" ...

... says Deborah Toner, Belfast- based textile designer and cushion manufacturer. Here you see an example of  her results working with flaxmill linen (to enlarge click on the picture, please). Deborah announced that we'll see more of it.

The aristocrat partnered with the goddess – a relationship that would warm your heart!

On September 10th amidst all the hustle – buzzle of the Flax-Mill-Open-Day, Eileen the spinner gathered alpaca-fleeces. The beautiful animals are kept by our friend and neighbour Rosemary Fergusson less than a mile away from the mill.
Eileen was “just in time” – almost her entire annual production of brown, white and black alpaca – yarn had been bought and woven by Flax – Mill – owner Marion Baur.
The last of the “fibre of the gods” (so named by the textile – lovers in the alpaca’s native Latin America) has just come off the loom as a run of bespoke hand-woven scarves.
“Our output of woven alpaca has clean doubled during the last two years” says Marion. “Since we stopped using industrially spun alpaca-fibre and started working with the local raw-material our scarves have won many prices and found many new lovers.”

Knowing that this batch would be the last one before the new fleeces have been processed, Marion and her team really put the cream on the cake: “I had toyed with the idea of combining Irish linen and alpaca for a while. The incredible strength and durability of the “aristocrat of textiles” (Wallace Clark) and the warmth, softness and shine of alpaca had to make for a unique product.”

Talented fashion-design student Miriam Johnston (University of Halle, Germany) who spent 4 weeks of work-experience at Flax-Mill was asked to design a linen-warp. Miriam, whose good eye for colours had caught Marion’s attention, came up with a creation in blue, light grey, cream and natural, all the yarn she chose is Irish-spun. She made the warp and beamed the loom herself. Marion wove all the scarves using white and black baby-alpaca and brown yarn from a mature animal. No dyes were applied to the alpaca-yarn.
The amazing products – each scarf is a “one – off” – are now in the process of finishing and scouring which is being undertaken by Flax – Mill as well.
From October 7th they will be for sale at the mill.
After a couple of retailing customers placed their orders last weekend, only 14 scarves remain – each one a treasure and proof that environmentally sustainable and carbon-footprint-free manufacturing is possible.

For details contact Marion at the Flax Mill (0044 – 2877742655) or send us a mail.          (fotos: © fotolia)

Textile - library now open

Dear friends, valued customers, dear fellow textile-workers!
This is just to let you know that our textile-library is now open at Derrylane Flax-Mills.
When "re-building" the place after the extremely successful Open Day and Yard-Fest we thought it was time to give our collection of 500+ books on textile-making the last touch.
In the mill-cottage you can now find what's probably the largest collection on these shores.
Anything from periodicals on dyeing, linen - research textile-chemistry....to unique books on hand-weaving, spinning, history of the industry etc..
is now in order and can be used in the nice ambience of the 250 year old cottage. There are some titles in German and a few in French, most books are in English.
We would like to encourage textile-students and interested friends and customers to use the library.
You will have to make an appointment to use the library - there is no charge.

23rd Flax-Mill Open Day and Yard-Fest: - first echoes



... see also yardfest archive in the right column!

23rd Flax-Mill Open Day and Yard-Fest:

A tailor from Colombia, Ireland’s only female blacksmith, a weaver from Germany

It’s all hands on at Derrylane Flax-Mills as County Derry’s only active linen-weaving-mill prepares to host its 23rd Open Day and Yard – Fest on Saturday, September 10th. "Ireland’s most spectacular private gathering", as a Dutch journalist once called it, is set to bring visitors from all corners of the globe to the town land outside Dungiven. They will enjoy an unrivalled gathering of the best crafters from these shores; meet designers, artists, spinners, weavers, dyers and textile-workers from far and near. A "world-premier" of what looks to become one of the most successful documentary-films ever to come from Northern Ireland is thrown in as an extra as is a session of Bikram – Yoga in the mill garden and many other treats. ...

... more

23rd Flax-Mill Open Day Programme

Press echoes: http://www.theulsterfolk.com 

23. Yard-Fest am 10 September 2016 - Zwei Folk Giganten bei Flax-Mill:

Colum Sands meets Willie Drennan on stage!

Zum 23. Mal findet “Irland’s spektakulärste private Versammlung” (wie es mal ein holländischer Journalist nannte) in diesem Jahr statt. Eins der Probleme, die uns in den vergangenen Jahren beschäftigten, war die scheinbare Unmöglichkeit, “Neues zu bringen”. Auf der kleinen Bühne – seit nunmehr 7 Jahren romantisch unter den Eschen und Eichen zwischen Garten und Feld angesiedelt – standen fast alle Grossen der irischen Musik,...
... more ...

Dearbhla_Pressefest600.jpg (53524 Byte)

23rd Yard-Fest on September, 10th, 2016 - Two Folk-Giants at the Flax-Mill:

Colum Sands meets Willie Drennan live on stage!

The 23rd Open Day and Yard fest at the historic Flax-Mill in Derrylane outside Dungiven on Saturday, Sept. 10th is going to feature two of the most accomplished musicians and performers from these shores in one concert. Both Colum Sands and Willie Drennan are famous the world over and have toured - solo and with their bands - for many years.

... more

rfrankl600.jpg (262698 Byte)  

UZ-Pressefest, Dortmund 2016-07-01, Flaxmill-stall:
Willie Drennan & Band featuring Dearbhla Mc Taggart

Marion Baur has teamed up with an exclusive tailor and designer for the March event outside Dungiven. Elizabeth Corrigan (click for higher resolution)

Pressrelease: Flax – Mill on the Catwalk 2016

Friday, March 11th will see the return of an event to the Roe-Valley, which has been drawing visitors from far and near in previous years. Derrylane Flax – Mill is going to host what has been called “Northern Ireland’s only really alternative fashion show”.

Marion Baur, chief-weaver at and owner of County Derry’s only active linen-weaving-mill has just returned from Berlin, where she introduced the show to customers and the media. “Last year our fabric and finished products were on show in various parts of the world. Here at Derrylane where we manufacture, we were so busy that the initial showing of our new line of garments did not happen. I think that was a big mistake and we are going to ‘make up’ for not organising a fashion show in 2015 by putting on a real cracker this year.” 

... read more (pdf)

Mary Smithson (Limavady) will share showing the female garments with Lorraine Hartine.

Pressrelease: All hands on for the 22nd Flax-Mill Open Day and Yard-Fest on Saturday, Sept. 12th!

The old Flax Mill in Derrylane, outside Dungiven is a hive of activity with less than one week to go to what a Dutch journalist once described as “Ireland’s most spectacular private gathering”.
Helpers from Germany, England and South Africa have already landed – with more coming during the week – to get county Derry’s only active linen-weaving-mill ready for large crowds of visitors from far and near next Saturday. All day, a number of hand-picked master crafters will demonstrate their skills and offer their high-quality products for sale. Mill owner Marion Baur is delighted with the state of affairs: “We have managed to put together a programme for the Open Day and the concert in the evening which is set to please our visitors, no matter where they come from. People travel thousands of miles to meet here, to exchange experience and have a good time. As every year we will bend backwards to make it an unforgettable day for them.”
Here are some of the highlights of both Open Day and evening gig. ... read more ...

22nd Open Day and Yard Fest at the Flax-Mill set to draw visitors from all corners of the globe

From everywhere to Derrylane

On Saturday, September 12th, the historic Flax Mill in Derrylane just outside of Dungiven will experience – for the 22nd time – what a Dutch journalist once called “Ireland’s most spectacular private event”. County Derry’s only active linen-weaving-mill is all geared to host a unique mixture of demonstrations by top crafters, a large gathering of designers and textile manufacturers from far and near and an evening concert with an international line-up on stage playing to a selected audience of music- and poetry lovers from at least 15 countries.

... more

Mandy Bingham at the Flax-Mill Yard Fest 2015

Mandy Bingham writes her songs very much from the heart. With her acoustic guitar and her wealth of life experience, she creates beautifully formed lyrics and melodies. Her voice is pure and strong and can't help but make an emotional connection to the listener.
Hailing from the North Coast of Ireland, Mandy is the eldest daughter of singer songwriter David McWilliams (Day's of Pearly Spencer). Her mother Gil McWilliams was also involved in the folk music scene in the 60's and 70's. This cultural and family heritage is inherent in her songwriting.Her debut EP Mandy Bingham Volume 1, was released earlier this year to excellent reviews, further information about Mandy can be found at www.mandybingham.co.uk  or on Facebook at Mandy Bingham Music.

The return of textile in Dungiven

IT’S been over 60 years since the linen industry ceased production in Dungiven town. Now, a woman who hails from Germany is hoping to bring the tradition of linen weaving back to the town, albeit on a smaller scale.
Thursday afternoon saw Marion Baur weave linen on a loom in the building which once housed Dungiven’s Post Office. 
Marion, who took over the lease of the former Post Offi ce last month, intends to hold a demonstration every Thursday afternoon in an effort to show locals the process of linen weaving. ...

 ... read more - click on thumbnails on the left, please.

While we are keeping our traditional line of production, especially that of natural linens and tweeds we have added some head-turning new materials to the range. Here are a few examples:
Worsted jacquard1.JPG (234777 Byte) Worsted jacquard2.JPG (229370 Byte) Worsted jacquard3.JPG (269980 Byte) Worsted jacquard-cloth in 12 different designs and colour-combinations. The beautiful fabric lends itself to both clothes-making and upholstery. The raw material is worsted woollen yarn from the best Irish and Scottish spinners. The designs are a blend of classic and modern motives. The colours are a spectacle. We will soon have a few taster-photos in our products-chapter (see Berlin under-page) and can send samples on request. As all our fabrics the jacquards are made in limited quantities.
New designer linens both hand- and machine woven, several of them made with yarn from our own flax. We have increased the range of shirting-linens - designs you won't find anywhere else. Our best-sellers, natural hand woven cloth, the price-winning "basket-weave" are back in stock, as is our unique handkerchief-linen.
Linen tableware galore! Both hand- and machine woven pure linen finished to stylish napkins, runners, placemats and other treats for the good table. Since Belfast's top restaurant introduced our napkins for all their dinner-guests, the making of linen serviettes has gone "through the roof" here but we still treat each one as an individual piece with love and care.
Have you seen our new hand woven linen tea-towels? Not only do they make for a pretty present, once you have dried your good glass-collection with one of them, you won't want any other dish-cloth near you.
Bespoke hand woven scarves made at the Flax Mill are not a new product, many of them have gone all over the world to warm and please people of good taste. Alongside our limited editions of pure linen scarves and the traditional woollen ones you can now get unicates made with hand spun alpaca yarn (the animals live less than a mile from our mill), un-dyed pure Jacobs-wool and a blend of lambs-wool, mohair and bamboo yarn. The superb ingredients are spun exclusively for Flax Mill Textiles by our ingenious commission-spinners Eileen Patterson and Lynda Kelly. It won't be possible to put a photo of each scarf onto the website - they only exist once and are usually gone straight after we make them. Just visit us and check them out!

Our master-tailors in Berlin and in Derrylane are prepared to measure you for a new linen shirt, blouse, waist-coat or jacket any time. In that case you will have to come to us or arrange a meeting at your home. “Off the shelf” clothes are not our game and a trip to Flax Mill is certainly worth your while!

 A date for your diary:

The 22nd Flax-Mill-Yard-Fest and Open Day will rock the old mill in style on Saturday, September 12th 2015! After last year’s spectacular gathering and capacity – crowd we strongly recommend booking early. Details will be published on this website soon.


The 21st Yardfest 2014 - ...

.. already history again. See our photo-galleries

McTaggart.jpg (42698 Byte).

Here's an interview with Dearbhlá Mc Taggart published in the DERRY POST

Photo: Dearbhlá Mc Taggart - taken by Lorraine Hartin

Here an Article of the Irish Times (Tue, May 6, 2014, 01:01) where Marion got a mention.

Bangladesh textile workers protest at ADLER headquarters, Haibach, Germany
Demand for  compensation. ADLER doesn't want to pay.
R. Frankl performs his song "Her mit dem schoenen Leben"..

 ... please click on picture to watch video of Bavarian TV.

Flax-Mill linen in London, finished by silk-screen-printer Charlotte Krone


derrypost20140218.jpg (398761 Byte)  Flaxmill hosts annual fashion show -  Derry Post 18-02-2014

SATURDAY saw County Derry’s only active linen-weaving-mill in Derrylane outside Dungiven host its annual fashion show. Flax Mill owner Marion Baur and her team of textile-workers and designers presented the new range of exclusive garments made of Irish linen and other natural fibres. The show is set to be repeated at the mill’s outlet in Berlin-Weissensee/Germany this coming Saturday.
The presenting was done Aoife McReynolds, Emma Whitehead, Orla McNicholl and Chris Tyndall. Pieces of jewellery by designers Ruth Walker and Dannielle Enblom were also showcased on the catwalk.

Das irische Leinen entdeckt seine Wurzeln wieder.(12:45 Min.)