The Gig
ACCOUSTIC WIND is a duo of two brothers from County Armagh. Simon Smith, guitarist and singer / songwriter left such an impression during last year's session that we decided to have him on stage this time. His brother Connor Smith, who won the All Ireland Competition in traditional flute playing and also plays guitar, makes for the other half of Acoustic Wind. Their mix of traditional and self written material and superb skills on the instruments is going to make their first Yard Fest appearance a real treat.

When we decided to take this 8 piece band from Dresden / Germany to Ireland last year, some people thought we had gone mad altogether. How could such a big group - all of them unfamiliar with the English language - 'work' over here?
Wherever they went they took the house down and in all the years of the Yard Fest we never had as many people asking to feature a band again.
Formed as the singing club of 63rd High School in Dresden 31 years ago, the Ches have developed into a unique band and one of the world's most outstanding performers of international working class songs.
They have toured many countries, Poland, Switzerland, the Soviet Union, the Czech Republic and Cuba amongst them.
7 singers and songs in many languages combined with their very high skills at various instruments - the energy they produce on stage grips the audience immediately.
We cannot imagine a better band to be the centre piece of the last Yard Fest.

Flax Mill has earned a reputation of discovering young artists; many people use Cara Dillon as an example. There has been a good few other ones but certainly our most unusual and guaranteed 'folk - free' product are the three young musicians from Limavady in County Derry.
The line up - electric guitar, bass and drums - hints towars a classical rock formation but Liam Mc Nulty, David Anderson and Shane Martin don't like to be classified like that. 'Our own stuff' they call it and indeed it is - The Domino Effect does not cover, music from their own pen is the trade mark.
Their world premiere happened at the UZ - Festival in Dortmund / Germany (crowd capacity 50 000 plus) just two months ago.

They returned with an invitation to the next one in their pockets - not bad for 15 year olds wouldn't you agree? We bet the effect will domino you at their first Yard Fest performance.

What else?

- Musical breakfast on Sunday
For those who stay overnight or come back the next morning we will
Have the musical breakfast which has been so loved over the last few
years. The Ches will be seeing to that.

- Poetry
Mark Cooper, Isle of Man poet living in Belfast will treat us, he has
written a number of new poems.

- Albums and books for sale
Real rarities and of course the albums of our performers.

- Travis
The latest addition to the Flax Mill family is 4 months old and gives a
lovely smile

- Food and Drink
Beer is going to come from the beautiful town of Tauberbischofsheim
in Germany and our team of chefs is of course giving all to produce
works of wonder.

The Yard Fest is an invitation only private function of Flax Mill